Sage Charmaine - Artist To Watch Interview

Artist To Watch - 16 year old Sage Charmaine chats with Ellis Music Magazine’s Betsy Schuller.

Photo Credit - Max Baker @maxbakerphoto

Photo Credit - Max Baker @maxbakerphoto

Birthday: Oct 2nd 🧛‍♀️🖤

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

How do you feel different from other artists with soft, feminine vibes?

I think I can be soft, but i’m definitely more rough & bratty and I like my music to be more aggressive and hard hitting, kind of like Paramore. I think I’m different because of my style and the message & tone of my music. 

What inspires you to make the music you make? 

Anything. My feelings and emotions are honestly what mostly drive my creative process. I make songs day to day reflecting on how i’ve been feeling and what i need to write or vent about and then the music follows after. 

What do you hope your audience gains from listening to your music? 

I would want my audience to be able to relate to what I’m feeling, not only for me, but so they can also know that what they’re feeling isn’t invalid and they’re not alone. I also hope my audience gain a sense of comfort or happiness from my songs, and find themselves wanting to listen again. 

If you had to choose one artist, living or dead, to help you write a song, who would you choose? Why? 

I’d choose Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. I think because he and his music influenced me so much growing up, it was inevitable for my writing style to become somewhat similar. I’d choose him because not only is his writing extremely poetic and real, but he’s also an icon and one of my favorite musicians of all time. I think our song would mesh really well. 

With so many women artists coming forward and speaking on feminism, who do you relate with the most? 

I think my personal favorite is Beyoncé because shes always been super influential in women empowerment. I’d say I relate to her because she’s very sassy and has a super “queen” like air to her (obvi). She incorporates feminism into fashion, performances, and music, which I think is super awesome to use your platform to spread positivity for women everywhere. 

At just 16 years old, how do you think the world has changed in such a short time? What changes do you want to see in the future? 

I think the world has changed in a lot of ways. With technology basically running my generation, you can only imagine what the next and next one after that will be like. Personally, I’d like to see less technology implemented into our society and lives and more people focusing here on the “now.” I think music has also changed, but for the better. Now, the industry is welcoming and encouraging teenagers and even kids to pursue their talents, causing pop culture to popularize more and more with Gen Z. I think this is a good thing though, because it’s showcasing to the people how 1) teenagers are nothing to fuck with and 2) they can work just as hard and seriously as older individuals can.