Music Festival Pro Tips

Music festival season is upon us. Follow these pro tips to get the best out of your festival experience:


1. HYDRATE!!!!! - Make sure to hydrate at least one day before attending the festival as well as throughout the festival. Bring an empty refillable water bottle since the majority of festivals have a water refilling station where you can fill up for free. You do NOT want to be the person who spent the majority of their paid festival experience in the medical tent or the hospital.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes - Odds are you will be doing a lot of walking and standing around. Music festivals are not the time to show off your new kicks. Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

3. Protect Your Skin -  Make sure to wear sunscreen. It is also recommended to bring a hat and sunglasses. This will prevent a painful sunburn as well as looking like a dancing lobster later in the day.

4. Share Your Location - Share your location with at least two friends to help keep tabs on each other while you’re at the fest. This way you can ensure everyone makes it home safely. If you choose to drink, do so responsibly  (pace yourself to avoid the medical tent) and bring along a designated driver or call an uber after the festival.

5. Eat - Whether its splurging on festival food or bringing in protein bars, do not forget to eat. This is one more thing that keeps your body energized and helps prevent passing out.

6. Keep a Charger Handy - Having a charged phone helps you find your friends when you’re separated, keeps your phone ready to use as a flashlight when its dark out, and ensures you can call an uber or lyft for a ride home.

7. Unlock Your Knees - I’ve said it once and I will say it again, you do not want to be the individual who spends the majority of the festival in the medical tent or hospital. Locking your knees is one way to risk passing out.

8. Take a Seat- Eventually you’re going to get tired. Save yourself the stress of sitting in the mud by bringing along a blanket or jacket to sit on or to keep you warm when the sun goes down. If the weather is iffy bring along a trash bag so that it can double as a rain poncho or a place to sit once it’s muddy.

9. Purchasing Merchandise- Purchase merchandise on day 1 so your favorite items don't sell out. Bring a bag along to hold your purchased items.

10. A Unproblematic Get Away - Leaving the festival a little early allows you to miss traffic but also allows you to get out before those who have been drinking all day (remember if you choose to drink, do so responsibly and have a sober friend drive you home). If you do not want to leave early try to park near the exits and not the entrance when you arrive.