DNCE - Show review


Written By Tj Martinez

Brought together in the summer of of the most famed venues in America. 2015, DNCE made their entrance into They have been nominated and won the scene with their hit single“Cakemany prestigious music awards. By The Ocean”. The song was followed The band consists of frontman Joe by another single, “Toothbrush”. They have been recognized internationally for their talents, touring from the United States to Mexico, even to Canada as they prepare to tour Europe. They have played many festivals, including the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The band is fresh off of a U.S. tour with Selena Gomez, playing some Jonas (formally a member of the Jonas Brothers), eccentric bassist & keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo (toured with the Jonas Brothers), and drummer Jack Lawless, (previously toured with the Jonas Brothers as well). The show took place at the historic Aztec Theatre located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The festivities started before the band even took the stage as fans shouted lyrics to popular songs and danced the dougie, putting on a show of their own. DNCE made their first appearance on stage with lightsabers and Star Wars masks. Once their stage lights went up, there were many unconventional stage props to be revealed including a gigantic red Air Dancer and a shopping cart full of random articles of clothing. The band closed out the show with their hit song, “Cake By The Ocean”. DNCE exited stage with just as much energy as they entered it with.