Daniel Caesar Makes Audiences Fall in "Love Again."

Daniel Caesar brought his vocal talents to  ACL Live in Austin, TX on September 5th. Hundreds showed up to be serenaded by the Canadian R&B/Soul singer. Koffee, a 19 year old Jamaican Reggaeton artist opened the show. The promising young artist delivered a rhythmic set alongside her guitarist performing songs  including “Throne,” “Raggamuffin,” “Toast,” and “Burning.” After a brief intermission, Daniel Caesar took to the stage backed by a full band and six backup singers. The band emerged as silhouettes every time the light hit as they sat behind large white screens. Caesar started the night with “Cyanide” followed up by “Love Again.” He gathered audience engagement as he paced around the stage. He continued on to perform songs from his latest album, Case Study 101, including “Open Up” and “Complexities.” Concertgoers swayed and sang along as the artist touched on songs from his earlier projects taking time to cheer and clap after each of their favorite songs.  Audience favorites included “Get You” and “Best Part.” It was a night of beautiful music and beautiful memories.