Artist Spotlight: Myoa

Mayowa Sobamowo better known by her artist name Myoa is a singer and songwriter from Nigeria on the coast of West Africa. The Houston based artist continues to grow a local following as she plays at diverse venues across town. Make sure to keep up with her moves via Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


Photo Courtesy of: LaFamos

What is your dream collaboration?

“My dream collaboration would be with Sade and Alicia Keys.”

What do you do outside of music that contributes to your artistry?

“I am an actress, print model and runway model;  I love creativity and  the arts ☺”

What upcoming projects or tours do you have in store for us?

“I will be releasing my album, Beautiful Journey in September 2019, and I am very excited about that. I also plan to go on tour in many countries and start working on my next album.”

If you could be any food, what would you be and why?

“I would be lasagna. It is a dish that is made up of layers, like me. Its base is pasta that is strong and able to withstand anything; the sauce is confident and fluid because its purpose is to give that balance to the pasta, and the rest of the ingredients are fun and full of life;  you can be creative and mix and match them to  create something that makes the really come together.  And of course, the cheese to give that color, charm and extra something!”

How would you describe your music style to someone who has never heard of you?

“I usually describe my style as SoPaJa, which is a mix of Soul, Pop, and Jazz. “

What is the meaning behind the name “Myoa”?

“The name Myoa was derived from my birth name Mayowa (pronounced the same way). Mayowa means God brings joy and so I wanted to maintain that feeling in my artist name so I took a few vowels out and spelled it Myoa.  It means I am able to bring joy through my music and anywhere I am present.”

How long have you been creating music? What got you into the music scene?

“I have been doing music since I was a child. I wrote my first song at the age of 9 and that’s when I recognized my gift. I went on to be in school choirs and learned to play the piano. It wasn’t until late 2007 that I decided to do this full time and follow my dreams and left the UK (and a stable career in finance), to move to the US without family and friends, and enroll at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. The rest is history.”

What would you deem your favorite song of the ones you have released and why?

“This is quite a tough one to answer. I love them all haha but I would probably say my latest release “StarPower.” I wrote that song almost immediately because it was like the melody and words just dropped instantly in my heart. I also love the vibey production and the elements of bringing in my African influence through the instrumentation and the lyrics. “

What is the inspiration behind the track “Star Power?”

“My inspiration came from the timing of my life and career. I was in a place of clarity because I understood my gifts and talents, and that I could be all I was created to be. I felt that sometimes people or organizations don’t see that, or they want to suppress your dreams, so I wrote a song reminding me of the power of a new day and power to fulfill my purpose. This gift was beyond me and I was created to pass on truth, joy and hope to people through my music. There is power in knowing who you are.”

What do you hope listeners get from your music?

“I want them to feel joy and hope, and have that boost of “Yes I can be all I want to be.” Once you believe in yourself that’s the first step to your journey of success.”