ScrewFest Pays Homage to DJ Screw in Wake of June 27th

Screw Fest pays Homage to Houston Hiphop in the wake of June 27th, noted as a holiday in the Houston Hiphop community. The day commemorates DJ Screw’s 30+ minute long freestyle “June 27th” created in 1996 that features eight lyricists; Big Moe, Bird, D-mo, Key-C, Yungstar, Big Pokey, Haircut Joe, and K-Luv. For those unfamiliar with DJ Screw, he was a Houston based DJ notorious for creating the chopped and screwed sound. May he swang in peace (RIP).The four day fest jumped across Texas visiting San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and ending in Houston with a June 27th performance. The show was co-headlined with individual sets by Screwed Up Click (SUC) members Lil Flip, ESG, Lil Keke, and Big Pokey.

Hundreds packed tight like sardines into Come and Take It Live in Austin, Texas for the June 26th performance. Before the headliners took the stage there were about five openers; each of which paid around $500 (per the ticketing website) to open for the legendary show. Once their sets were over, Big Pokey, who was on the original “June 27th” freestyle, was called to the stage to get the night going. Pokey paced back and forth across the stage performing hits such as “Who Dat Talking Down,” “On Choppers,”  Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin, and Big Tuck’s “Not a Stain On Me.” ESG took to the stage next backed by some of his closest friends. He started off with an onsite freestyle before moving on to perform hits “Getchya Hands Up” and “Dance.” Towards the end of his set, ESG took a minute to pay homage to the next generation of rap music as he brought out YB Puerto Rico to perform a song. The highlight of the night and crowd favorite was Herschelwood Houston’s Lil’ Keke. Keke enthralled the crowd with performances of some of his most famous songs including “Chunk Up Da Deuce,” “25 Lighters,” “Knockin’ Doors Down,” “Heart of a Hustler,” and “I’m A G.”Audience members pulled out their cellphones to film as Keke called a concert goer who was not from Texas and introduced him to the infamous “Southside” dance which was followed by an on the spot freestyle. The set was hard to follow but Lil Flip gave it his best shot. Lil Flip took to the stage in a purple basketball jersey that read “Wanna Be  A Baller” while smoking a blunt. The SUC rapper performed his hometown hits including “Fuck Dat Nigga” and “Coming Up” before stopping to throw styrofoam cups into the crowd. It was a night filled with Texas hiphop sounds, perfect for any Houston Hiphop fan to enjoy or reminisce.