Shoreline Mafia Off The X Tour Stops By Spokane, Washington

Participation in a mosh pit is required if going to a Shoreline Mafia concert. Fans of all ages packed The Knitting Factory for Shoreline Mafia on April 17th in Spokane, WA for a sold-out rager. DJ Ash B opened up the show with her turntables blending sounds from the east, west, and south so smoothly. Her swift/bass heavy transitions had the crowd from front to back on their toes and dancing. Rapper, AzChike, was the second opener of the night. His performance and reaction from the crowd with his energy and wild beats over his lyrics was a prelude for what the audience would anticipate next. Just to give you an idea how bonkers the show was getting as a whole, some fans were carried out before the show even started. Once Shoreline Mafia stepped onto the stage, is was a complete mosh pit. “I want to see a mosh pit when this shit drops,” rapper Ohgeesy said as the track “Bandsspilled through the speakers and the crowd popped off like a seal from a champagne bottle. Despite the absence of rappers Master Kato and Rob Vicious, Ohgeesy and Fenix Flexin still delivered the wave that is Shoreline Mafia. Not to mention that they still had most of their posse with them on stage hyping the crowd and stage diving. They performed new and old tracks from their catalog as well as hit records “Musty”, “Nun Major”, “Heavy”, “Bottle Service”, “Whuss The Deal”, and “Moving Work” just to name a few. Overall a crowd will only give the same energy as an artist’s gives when performing. It’s safe to say that Shoreline Mafia definitely delivered on their end. Showing Spokane’s audience how they are the wave and everyone else is just staying afloat.