Girls Need Love Tour Review

Dallas concertgoers lined up for several blocks in anticipation for Saturday night’s show at South Side Music hall. As Janiyah, Maya B, and Summer Walker prepared for their performance, everyone rushed to get as close to the stage as possible.   

Fans were greeted by Janiyah with a short set that featured “Pretend”, “New Chick”, and a few more of her soulful songs. Janiyah emphasized self love and confidence throughout her brief, yet heartfelt performance by taking a moment to talk about her past struggles and how she dealt with them.

 After Janiyah left stage, Maya B took the spotlight. She introduced herself and almost immediately Music Hall guests connected with her and looked forward to what she had to offer. Each song was performed with passion, soul, and tons of energy as she switched from contributing to each beat with a drum pad to singing in company with her keyboardist and drummer. “Selenas”, “Kiss On My Neck”, and “Dollar To A Diamond” were some of the tracks presented during the show. Audience members described her performance as “powerful, energetic and full of true emotion and talent”, and some who had not known of her before said that they’ll definitely be checking out her music. After Maya’s set ended, both her and Janiyah went down to the pit to meet and take pictures with their fans. Maya spoke with everyone she could about how they enjoyed the show which furthered her connection with them.


A sweep of cheer and excitement filled the venue as Summer Walker entered. The Atlanta R&B singer performed hits such as “ Grave”, “Session 32”, “CPR”, and others off her latest album, Last Day Of Summer. She concluded with “Girls Need Love” which featured a verse by Drake. Attendees to Saturday night’s concert were not disappointed by the three powerful performances they saw and left with a sense of empowerment and confidence.