Upcoming Artist Interview: Aeo

Aeo is a 28 year old upcoming rapper from Bastrop, Louisiana. He debuted his first mixtape, 1 Up: Inception” in July of 2011. His most recent project dropped in February of 2018 entitled Hunger Pains.

IMG_1015 copy.jpg

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: “I guess you could say hip hop but I just say I do vibes, ya know what I mean, it depends on how you’re feeling like I got a little joint that will catch you in your feelings or get turnt as hell. Just real vibes, talk about real shit.”

Q: What inspires your music?

A: “Life. It’s all life, everything. I talk about real life so whether it’s downs I’m feeling shit I came from nothing. Everything I’m talking about, grinding.. Got to work to get it. Shit we worked, didn’t get it, had to keep working to try to get some more. That’s all my music is, “Yo man, do your shit, sometimes you’ll be down”

Q: What’s your favorite part about being an artist? Performing, recording, or writing?

A: “Shit, a little bit of both. I love putting the pen down or typing or whatever because I get my feelings out right there. Then when you perform, you get to let somebody else see your feelings right there. When you’re putting it down by yourself, it’s just you, but when you put it in front of somebody else, they can feel the energy and I love that.”

Q: What’s your favorite song of the ones you have out right now?

A: “I got one in the cut called “Still” that’s tough as hell , can’t wait to drop that one. Out right now though, probably “Grindin All Night.”

Q: Who is your dream collaboration?

A: “Jay-Z, you got folks who have been doing their shit and been on their shit who ain’t got it. I just saw a  2 Chainz interview, he was talking about trying to get Hov on the Rap or Go to the League project, and he said “it ain’t happening.” That’s a stamp right there.”

Q: Who’s in your top 5?

A: “I’m southern so my top 5 is going to be Hov [Jay-Z], Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Kevin Gates, and J. Cole”

Keep up to date with Aeo via his website, Instagram, and Twitter.