LP's Heart To Mouth Tour Sells Out Emo's in Austin, Texas

Singer/songwriter Laura Pergolizzi, better known by her stage name LP, has quite the reputation. The LA based artist has had a string of successes including her breakthrough album, Lost On You, as well as writing for some of pop’s hottest stars including Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. LP’s Heart to Mouth Tour brought out hundreds to Emo’s in Austin, TX  for a sold out show on March 2nd. The tour follows up LP’s release of her fifth full length album, Heart to Mouth. Couple and music duo Jim & Sam opened up for LP. They joked and laughed in between songs as they  performed “Holy Water,” “Pull Over Now,” and “Saturday Morning” in the tightly packed venue. After a brief stage shift, LP and her band made their way to the stage. Audience members shrieked in excitement as LP took to the stage performing “Dreamcatcher” dressed in a style reminiscent of an 80’s rockstar. Concertgoers sang along as LP continued on to perform her songs “When We’re High,” “Dreamer,” “When I’m Over You,” “Sex on Fire,” “The Power,” “Girls Go Wild,” “One Night in the Sun,” and “Recovery.”

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