Concert Review: Donna Missal's This Time Tour

Monday nights are not typically associated with high energy and excitement, but Donna Missal and Samia Finnerty succeeded in providing just that on March 18th at Deep Ellum’s Club Dada. Donna’s passionate and powerful work mainly reflects love and desire, but 2019’s This Time Tour sets focus on acceptance and empowering her fans.

Samia introduced herself and started with an emotional performance alongside Nick Cianci. Halfway through her show, a street fight went down just outside the venue followed by a mass of flashing emergency response lights. Samia remained unfazed by the distraction and continued to perform “Lasting Friend”, “Milk,” “Someone Tell the Boys”, and more. She concluded with a cover of The Knack’s 1979 hit, “My Sharona”, leaving fans with excitement for the night’s headliner.

The stage darkened as the melody to “Jupiter” spread through the building. Donna Missal emerged from the shadows and began her heartfelt performance. Passersby from outside were lining up at the windows to view the source of the powerful music they were hearing. Energy filled the tightly packed venue as she transitioned through different tracks from her latest album, This Time.

Donna paused in between each song to give honest, motivational messages for her young supporters to hear.  She emphasized her gratitude for her loyal fanbase and shared her positive influence of inclusion and acceptance.  Concertgoers knew to show their final energy for the Missal’s most well known track, “Keep Lying.” To say Donna is an incredibly passionate and talented performer would be an enormous understatement, as she had every single person in the venue jumping with enthusiasm.

As she thanked everybody for their energy, support and loyalty, chants for an encore began spreading through the crowd. Moments after, both Donna and her brother performed “Get Well, her latest release, and a cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated. Missal’s empowering and comforting messages combined with a highly energetic and fiercely emotional performance left audiences feeling confident and satisfied when they left Club Dada.