Artist Spotlight: Adé

Epic Records rapper Adé, formally known as Phil Adé, linked up with us after his set at Revolt House during SXSW. The Maryland rapper remained predominately underground until signing recently with Epic Records. Check out his skilled wordplay via his debut EP Always Something that can be found here.

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Q. How did you come up with your stage name?

A: “My original stage name was Phil Adé and that was really a shortened version of my real name, which is Phillip Adetumbi. More recently, I changed it to just Adé. It's more simple and I just felt like I was in a new chapter in my career and I wanted to start fresh and that's my way of doing it.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being an artist? Do you prefer recording, writing, or performing?

A: “I love all of it the same. Recording and being able to create, that’s fun but then being able to perform it and see people’s reactions, that’s fun too. So it’s kind of a combination of everything is kind of the same level to me but if I had to pick I would say creating”

Q: How does being from Maryland influence your sound?

A: “My sound feels like a little bit of everything. I have a wide appreciation for music.But my sound is a little bit of everything; live instrumentation, R&B, hip hop, rap.”

Q: What projects are you working on as far as what’s coming out?

A:Always Something, the EP is out right now. We just released that in February and now I’m moving onto the next. I’m working on an album. Hopefully I can get that out by the end of the year but I’m definitely going to drop some music between that.”

Q: What’s your favorite song of those that you have out and why?

A: “Man! You know, it varies from time to time because every day is a different mood, a different vibe. On a day like this that was beautiful, good weather, “Something Sweet” is my favorite song. On a day when I’m chilling, laid back, maybe in the crib cooling, “Something New” is my record. If I’m feeling like going to the club, going to a party, or something, “Something From Nothing.” So it really just depends on my vibe and I made the music to be like that for a reason because I wanted something everybody could fuck with.”

Q: Who’s your dream collaboration with?

A: “Man, I would love to work with Pharell because I feel like he’s somebody that’s like me, that has an appreciation for all forms of music and he’s from an area which is not far from mine, you know, a couple hours down the road, so he understands the go,go culture of D.C. so I think we’d be able to fuse all of that together and make something dope.”

Q: If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

A: “If I could be a certain superhero, it would be Batman. I feel like Batman was the most relatable superhero because he had no wild crazy powers, he was just a regular dude who did a lot of pull-ups and sit-ups and could destroy the shit out of somebody”

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of music?

A: “Watching movies”

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: “I think my favorite movie right now in the last couple of years is Infinity War. I was locked in and you know what makes a great movie to me is when I forget that people are acting.”

Q: Who is in your top 5?

A: “Sheesh, man. You know, I’m just going to just throw some names out there. I wouldn’t say this is my ultimate top five but this is the top five that’s on my mind right now. I would say Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Future, I have to Wale in there you know he [Wale] broke down the bill for me to even be able to make hip hop music in the DC area. Without Wale it would have been a lot tougher, and Brian McNight, his vocals are amazing.”

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