Concert Review: Aaron Carter


“I Want Candy” star Aaron Carter may have grown up but his talent in music remains. Carter set out on tour this year following the release of his most recent album LOVE. Concertgoers piled into Stubbs Indoors in Austin, TX on a nostalgic night for a chance to see one of their favorite childhood stars, Aaron Carter. The night got started with a brief set from Austin local Justin Clark. With his family and friends in attendance, Clark provided a passionate set. Justin Stone took to the stage next with incredible energy. He bounced around stage before jumping onto concertgoers hands to crowdsurf. Out of the three openers, Stone definitely provided the most enthusiastic set. The night took a weird turn when the third opener, Lenerd, came out. Audience members seemed to lose interest as the artist sang off key and mumble rapped. Their attention was regained with a brief DJ set before Aaron Carter took to the stage. Claps and cheers filled the room as the door opened for Carter. With nearly no lights illuminating the stage, Aaron energetically performed his own rendition of crowd favorite  “I Want Candy,” “Bad to Good,” and “Fools Gold.”

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