Festival Review: Decadence, Arizona

Glitter, lights, and great music are the only things you need for an amazing experience but Decadence Arizona brought so much more than that. With a lineup that fans could only dream of, and a light show that had to have taken weeks to set up and months to prepare, the weekend was full of laughter, dancing, and making new friends. There were three stages set up, two covered and then one local stage where the brave went to dance freely in the rain. If the festival goers ever needed a break from head banging and shuffling, there were heaters and chairs outside along with circus rides all over to wake you right back up. Raw-hide always has a great set-up but this one was truly like a fairytale. There were lights and rides everywhere making it impossible to get bored.

Being used to more hip-hop shows I was a bit nervous since I did not know what to expect but there was nothing to be afraid of. All of the festival-goers were kind, everyone just wanted to be friends with everyone. I spent most of my time walking around searching for the right picture but I was quickly brought in by the crowd and found myself lost in the music for hours. The first performer I got to listen to was San Holo. Holo set the bar high with electrifying sounds and explosive smoke shooting from the stage. He is a one of a kind artist, performing live with guitar and turntables. Arizona local, Ghastly, was another performer who was not afraid to step up from behind the table. Ghastly announced that he was moving back to Arizona during his set. Though there were many amazing performances, artists such as Skrillex, Marshmello, Rezz, Anti-Up, Gryffin, and Porter Robinson made my New Years the best it had ever been. With Rezz’s trippy visuals, she had everyone wondering what was real and what was fake. The crowd went nuts when she asked “Am I tripping or what!?” By far one of my favorite performances was DJ Alison Wonderland. The enthusiastic, powerful DJ brought out an intense energy through the crowd. Using the stage as a floor was only one of the things she did to get fans’ hands in the air.

Decadence Arizona stepped up their game with this one and I do not think that they are going to stop there. Glitter, lights, great music, and so much more, Decadence started 2019 off better than anyone could have imagined.