Song Of The Week: "Middle Child" by J. Cole

J Cole addresses the current state of rap on his new single “MIDDLE CHILD” as the genre trends towards a new wave of music. Cole states, “the real ones been dyin’, the fake ones is lit // the game is off balance, I’m back on my shit.” For anyone who has been following the hiphop/rap genre, you can agree that giant shifts have been made in the quality and quantity of music that is being released across the board. The North Carolina rapper continues to discuss the increased usage of drugs, the new generation’s desire for clout* over everything, and the fact that having money or a pistol in your hand does not make you real. After exposing these changes, the Dreamville artist stops to acknowledge that “everything grows, it’s destined to change” before shouting out Hiphop OG’s for laying the groundwork. Cole continues on to describe his current position in the genre as he raps, “I’m dead in the middle of two generations I’m little bro and big bro all at once //Just left the lab with 21 Savage I’m ‘bout to go and meet Jigga for lunch.” Despite trying to figure out where he fits in the mix, Cole released one of the best albums of 2018, KOD as well as delivered some of the hottest features of the year. Regardless of the challenge, J. Cole lets you know that he is not going to stop creating when he raps “this year gon’ be different, I set my intentions. I promise to slap all that hate out your voice.” It’s safe to say we can expect to see some great things out of J. Cole and the entire Dreamville camp this year.

“Middle Child” is now available on all streaming platforms.

*clout- popularity that is accompanied with respect and influence