Concert Review: Sonder Son Tour

Concertgoers packed tightly into Stubbs Indoors in Austin, Texas  September 2nd for a sold out show starring Brent Faiyaz. Faiyaz name came into the spotlight after singing the hook on Goldlink’s radio hit single “Crew” in 2017. Last fall he dropped his debut album Sonder Son which served as a autobiography of the Maryland singer’s life and the basis for his tour. Adoring screams filled what little space was left in the venue as a door opened and Brent Faiyaz made his way to the stage in a royal blue stanley cup dad hat, LA Kings shirt, silver chain, black jeans, and Nikes. The tightly filled venue set the atmosphere for what would be an intimate show with plenty of audience engagement. Excited shrieks rose in volume every time Brent made contact with an concertgoers hand. Backed by talented bandmates, Faiyaz flexed his vocal range over the hour long set as he performed songs including “Stay Down,” and  “Home.” He continued on to bounce between serenading music such as “Burn One,” “All I Want,” and “Gang Over Luv” to more upbeat tracks including “Crew,” “Make Luv,” “Talk 2 U,” and “First World Problemz.” Unlike most artists, Brent’s voice sounded just as soulful and melodic live as it does on the studio recordings. His smile and pure passion for the music engulfed the audience as they gave back the same energy he gave to them. This performance further secured his spot as an artist to watch.