Concert Review: The Independant Grind Tour

The city of Austin, Texas was in for quite the experience on Thursday, November 9th. Not only was The Independent Grind Tour in town, but Tech N9ne also happened to be celebrating his 47th birthday. The tour took place at Emo’s right on Riverside. The dark punk rock vibe this venue gave, was the perfect place for the tour. Dizzy Wright was up first to open the show. He took control of the crowd early playing hits off his most recent album such as “Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done” & “Vibe”. It wasn’t all new hits though, older Dizzy was definitely in attendance. Songs such as “Can’t Trust ‘Em”, “Kill’em With Kindness”, and “Maintain” were all in the mix. The crowd was very respondent to everything he was saying. Soon after, Futuristic took the stage. His swaggy, high energy presence was felt as he performed songs “I Guess I’ll Smoke” and “The Greatest” which were definite crowd pleasers. By this time the crowd was warmed up and ready for the headlining act and birthday boy Tech N9ne. His pre-recorded visual was first for the audience. The video had included a short message gearing fans up for the anticipation. Before the video could even end, the headliner had made his grand entrance to the blitzing lights and smoke. Opening with “Am I A Psycho” instantly had the crowd swaying their hands back and forth. Nothing but classics were on N9ne’s set. He was sure to make this birthday performance a memorable one. With a filled birthday cup in his hand he was able to perform hit after hit. Though none of the hits may have received a reaction quite like like the ‘06 hit “Caribou Lou” did. You could tell everyone the building was waiting to hear that song. Throughout the performance his birthday cup continued to be filled as everyone continued celebrate. Overall, The Independent Grind Tour was a success as well celebrating the 47th birthday of N9ne. They’ll be on the move so make sure to see if they are stopping in your city here.