ILLENIUM - Show Review

Illenium_Traci_Ogden Denver3.jpg

Written by Samantha Schubert

Nick Miller, also known as Illenium, is a one of a kind producer who I got the luck to see on December, 11, 2016 at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado. He can remix just about any song as well as create his own music. Illenium has a very creative way of putting on a show. Hewillplayareallyhypesongtogetthe crowd jumping around and then he will slow it down with a deeper song to give meaning to his work. Illenium wants his music to have a meaning but also wants his shows to be fun and hype. In an interview of Illenium’s he once said that during a show he wants to captivate the people in the atmosphere they’re in. I think this shows a lot about what type of artist he wants to be. During a concert you want to completely take in the whole concert and remember it forever and that is what Illenium tries to accomplish. Through countless late nights at concerts this one will be unforgettable. The opening acts were William Black and Dabin and they both put on an amazing show. William Black blew the crowd away with his unbelievable tunes while Dabin amazed us with his awesome guitar skills. They both had very special things to offer that night and did a very good job of getting the audience ready for Illenium. Illenium’s entrance was awesome and very memorable. He ran up on stage and on the screen behind him was his logo, just his logo. Then as he played Disarm You the screen became this fire and the lights shot lasers, and started off the show in a fun and amazing way. The light show was unreal. It gave a whole new element to the show. Illenium continued the show with more of his Ashes to Ashes album along with some of his most popular remixes of songs. The whole night I was thinking, “this will be one of my most memorable concerts.” The venue was set up pretty basic. The coolest thing about the setup was the lights surrounding the stage. It was a unique way to set up a show. The Ogden Theatre itself was built in 1917 and opened in 1919. This nostalgic theatre held a lot of very memorable people. One of the biggest performances at the Ogden was Harry Houdini. He brought the magic to that theatre in the late 1910’s, while Illenium brought the magic tonight. During the show you are surrounded by a crowd of people who have the same interest in music as you. When you’re standing in a crowd you want to enjoy the music with the crowd. You are with a bunch of people that like the exact same music as you. That feeling makes you feel more at home. The type of people at this show were people that were chill, and not a care in the world. I specifically remember this one kid right in front of me just taking in the music and not caring about anyone else in that room. All he wanted to do was listen to the music and dance. He was crazy and I absolutely loved it. I loved that he didn’t care about other people. He only cared about what was happening on the stage. The whole room was filled with these type of people and I was blessed to have experienced it. This specific show on his tour was very special because Illenium may not be born and raised in Denver but Denver is like a home to him. Illenium is one of the biggest DJ’s/Producers in Denver.