Marty Grimes


Photos by Bryan Luna Written By Betsy Schuller

Marty Grimes headlined his first solo tour this past January where he included 8 stops through out the west coast including 1 in Salt Lake City, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Arizona and 4 through out California. Along for the ride was Cap Scrubby a rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio. Each stop included different additional openers that were local to each area. The Phoenix show was opened by #TRUGANG and Black Hoodie Cult as well as Cal Scruby. Something notable about Cal Scruby’s act was that he brought up a fan that contacted him through snapchat to rap a verse of a song on stage with him, which is killed. Marty took the stage after each act brought their own unique and different sound to Pub Rock theater on the night of January 31st, 2017. He performed a 50 minute set including songs from his new mixtape entitled Martyjuana along with other hits such as Bang Bang, 101 and Animal. His stage presence is strong and he creates a party vibe where everyone is included in the show which is crucial to small theater shows such as this one. Throughout the set he expressed nothing but gratitude to each and every fan that attended. He did what most fans dream of and met and took a picture with every single person after the show as well as signed merchandise and other memorabilia.