Meet vocal powerhouse Rozes - from the Chainsmokers, Big Gigantic, Just a Gent's and more!

Click the photo to be redirected to "Under the Grave" by Rozes

Click the photo to be redirected to "Under the Grave" by Rozes

Rozes interview by Betsy Schuller

Let’s start with the basics, where are you from and where do you currently reside

I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I currently reside (When I’m home) in the city of Philadelphia. 


You have such a unique pop/electric sound that blends insanely well with EDM, do you draw many of your influences and inspirations from that genre or others?

I actually never thought I would find myself in the world of EDM, but it also wasn’t the biggest thing when I was starting my career as an artist. Most of my influences are old school classics like Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, and No Doubt. 


Can you explain how you attained the opportunity to be featured on Roses with The Chainsmokers? Were you sought out by them or vice versa?

They followed me on Twitter, actually… and then proceeded to “slide into” my DMs. They found me through a song I did called “Limelight.” 


How have you handled the increase of stardom from being featured on a song that became an overnight hit?

I never thought "Roses" would be THIS huge, but I am so glad that so many people connected with it. It’s always amazing as an artist to see people fall in love with your work. As an artist, I still have so much left to say, and seeing how many people loved "Roses" has given me so much encouragement. 


I recently followed you on Instagram and your posts are so fun, optimistic and, for lack of a better word, kick ass. They also focus on being a strong and independent woman, is this an important trait for you to display to your fans? Why?

Ah! Thank you! I think it’s important for my listeners to see that I am just a goofy girl, but I also know my value. I want that for others as well. I want people to know what they’re worth, but sometimes, I am not always as strong as I should be. Sometimes I let depression and anxiety take me over, but it is so important for me to show my fans how raw and real I am because I want to be a positive role model in a world where so many get caught up in flaunting the superficial.  


In a world where lyrical content is sacrificed to make popular music, how important is lyricism to you when writing new songs? Do you consciously think about it?

My lyrics are my truth. I will only ever sing about things I have been through, or things my friends or loved ones have been through or are currently going through. I never want to give my fans a false hope. I have built my life around being so honest with my emotions that it’s manufactured into my writing. 


If you could share one of the most important pieces of advice you have learned with other aspiring artists, what would it be?

That hard work never ends and the success is infinite. 


Last but not least, my favorite question, when did you know you wanted to make music for the rest of your life?

When I realized I have a story that so many others can relate to. I needed an artist to look up to while I was growing up. I needed to hear those stories and hear that they made it out okay, or not. I want to be there for my fans and have them know that they aren’t alone in whatever they’re facing.