Meet electronic duo Echos!

Who makes up echo's? 

Me, Tal Richards and Lexi Norton on the vocals, I (tal) do the producing and some backing vocals. I (Lexi) do all the lyrics.  

How did you guys meet? 

Lexi - We were both releasing music through the same blog which at the time was and we were both on the charts quite a few times and was like, "Hey man wanna make music?" And I have the original email still that we keep. We both lived in different states and were working on the internet for about six months then our manager at the time wanted us to live in the same state. So Tal road-tripped out to Oregonand moved in with me and my parents and we started making music together everyday. 

How is Portland Oregon to be based out of? 

Tal – for me its an awesome change because I'm from Santa Cruz California and just the environment, I don't know if there is much of a scene here but I kinda like that cause it lets you be secluded and watch the rain and write moody music and its amazing. It’s the perfect environment for writing the style of music we make I think.   

Where are you from? 

Tal – I moved around a lot but I grew up in Santa Cruz California 

Lexi - I'm from the middle of nowhere Washington, close to Vancouver Washington.  

How long have you guys been together? 

Tal – almost four years 

Lexi - I was nineteen when I met you 

 How did you decide on your sound? 

Tal - a lot of trial and error, we have a lot of demos that were a lot more dubstep and more electronic and we didn’t release anything till we thoguht we were in the right vane, even now like a lot of the older stuff you can tell where it's headed but it was kinda like the first version of what were doing with this ep and everything.  

What are the pros and cons of being a duo? 

Lexi  - I think the pros of being in a duo is you get to do everything with your best friend you know like my favorite thing to do with Tal is travel and work on music together. A built in travel buddy, you know its someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to be like hey man you're doing a good job and push eachother 

Tal - I would say the best this is we hold each other to a higher standard than we would hold ourselves and I would say the con is there's definitely times, usually our writing style starts with Lexi writing something on piano and then I take it and do a bunch of work on it and we kinda go back and fourth and get together and write at the same time but sometimes you make something and the other person isn't as enthusiastic as you and you kinda have to find that middle ground.  

Lexi - even thought that’s a con its kinda a pro in a way because then it challenges you to discover something new I feel like whenever we have that issue of not likeingthe other persons demo we always sit down and find a middle ground and sometimes something cooler comes out of it.  

 Can you talk a little about the EP?  

Lexi  - well the process of the ep started for us when we were working with seeking blue and he was like I think you need to write more honestly and I want to challenge you to do a 30 day song challenge where every single day you have to write one song no matter what you're doing that’s your goal and you have to turn it in by 1am or else he had some high stakes for us. Throughout that process we found that we had the bones of an EP or an album and then we went back through and picked our favorite ones and fine tuned them I think we wrote 30-40 demos to find the 8 that we have on the EP, seven full tracks and one intro so it was a very interesting process because we wrote it almost separately since we were each writing demos and we would come together the next day and write on top of the demos from the day before. The recording process of it was beautiful because we got to go to this beautiful studio in Portland called the map room and tal engineered all the vocal sessions for me and that was like two days of 15-16 hours of singing.  

 Do you have a favorite track on the EP? 

Tal - yes mine favorite is probably gold  

Lexi - mine is say it 

You worked with Illenium how was the recording process of 'Afterlife'? 

Tal - so we've been friends with nick (illenium) since before he was illenium and before we were echoeshe's one of my old friends in music and we've been trying to colab for at least for years now and this was the first time it worked out. He was working on this album and he wanted us to do the vocals for that song cause in his mind that was the title track. He sent us over a pretty completed track and we made a few tweaks and Lexi pretty much freestyled the whole thing in one sitting. Basically what you hear is what she wrote on her first try and then we just tweaked it.  

Did you grow up with music or find it later? 

Lexi - we both grew up with music I started singing when I was five and started songwriting when I was eight. I would come home and try to pretend I was Avril Lavigne or like Amy Lee and just scribble out all the things that would happen to me during the day. I've had the same vocal coach since I was like thirteen so music has been a huge pieces of my life. 

Tal - for me my dad was a huge Grateful Dead fan I got into guitar in sixth grade and played all the way through college kinda lost music my first semester of college then found electronic music.  

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